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Dumpster Enclosures Near Nampa, ID

Do you need an attractive and functional dumpster enclosure installed at your business or multi-family housing complex?

As a leading fencing company in Nampa, Idaho, Nampa Fence specializes in designing and building customized dumpster enclosures to meet our clients’ specific needs and preferences.

Unlike regular chain link fences, our dumpster enclosures are made from high-quality wood or vinyl materials that match the look and feel of your existing buildings.

This ensures that your dumpster area blends in seamlessly instead of being an eyesore. The enclosures we construct are also extra sturdy and weatherproof to withstand heavy usage and Idaho’s variable climate.

Some key benefits of installing a customized dumpster enclosure for your property include:

  • Keeping your dumpster hidden from public view for a cleaner, more appealing look
  • Preventing trash from blowing out and litter from accumulating around the dumpster
  • Discouraging birds, rodents and other pests from getting into the trash
  • Keeping out anyone who shouldn’t have access to dispose of items in your dumpster
  • Matching the material and color scheme to your existing buildings and fencing

With over 10 years of dumpster enclosure installation experience under our tool belts, our team has the expertise to construct the perfect enclosure design to meet your unique specifications.

We handle the entire process in-house, from design consultations to permitting to dumpster pad preparation and the actual building.

Read on for an overview of our dumpster enclosure installation process from start to finish. Then contact us today for a custom quote!

Process We Follow for Dumpster Enclosures

Take a look at the key steps our team follows when installing an attractive and functional custom dumpster enclosure:

Design Consultation

The process begins when you contact us to request a dumpster enclosure for your commercial or multi-family housing property. We schedule an on-site design consultation at your convenience to discuss your needs and specifications.

Key details we cover include:

  • Intended purpose and required capacity
  • Expected usage volume
  • Ideal location based on access routes
  • Size of your actual dumpster(s)
  • Material and color preferences to match existing aesthetics
  • Budget for the project
  • Timeline for completion

With a firm understanding of your requirements in hand, we put our design expertise to work creating a customized dumpster enclosure concept. This includes detailed drawings indicating dimensions, materials, colors and additional features like gates or roofs.

Proposal and Quote

Next we present the dumpster enclosure design concept along with a written proposal detailing the full scope of work. This allows you to visualize how the end result will appear and function on your property before work begins.

As part of the proposal, we provide a project quote covering all labor and material costs. There are no hidden fees or charges. You can approve the design and quote or request revisions until the plans align with your expectations.


With your approval in hand, Our team take care of pulling all required permits from the city for constructing the dumpster enclosure. We’re familiar with Nampa’s permit processes, compliance standards and documentation requirements. Taking permit headaches off your plate saves you considerable time and hassle.

Site Preparation

In most cases, installing a dumpster enclosure requires minimal site preparation work. We communicate all requirements once the final plans are set. If you need assistance, Nampa Fence can dispatch our team to handle tasks like:

  • Clearing and leveling the installation area
  • Grading work
  • Pouring a concrete pad sized to fit the dumpster(s)
  • Installation of bollards or corner guards as protective barriers

Proper site prep ensures your dumpster enclosure gets built upon stable, level ground for optimal functionality and longevity.

Material Staging

With prep work completed, it’s time for our construction crew to roll in. We stage all necessary fencing materials onsite like lumber, posts, gates and hardware. Staging materials close to the install area improves workflow efficiency when it’s time to start building.

Enclosure Framework Build

The framework comes together first during the dumpster enclosure installation process. This involves:

  • Digging holes and securing posts in an alignment matching the permitted plans
  • Attaching horizontal cross beams and top rails
  • Installing additional reinforcing supports at critical joints for maximum stability

Our fence crews build upon decades of carpentry expertise to construct an enclosure framework engineered to handle heavy use and Idaho’s element while blending attractively into your existing layout.

Siding and Capping Installation

With a sturdy underlying framework in place, we shift focus to enclosing the dumpster area on all sides with your preferred material. The most common siding options we install include:

Wood: Stained cedar siding offers a timeless, attractive look for matching many building exteriors. Cedar also naturally resists moisture, decay and pests.

PVC: For lower maintenance durability, vinyl siding requires little upkeep while still providing an integrated, polished appearance.

Concrete: Concrete masonry units give enclosures incredible stability and protection. The material resists impacts while also containing noise.

Composite: Blended materials like fiber-reinforced plastic offer structural rigidity along with moisture, chemical and UV resistance.

We ensure all siding gets attached properly to withstand heavy usage without becoming an eyesore. Aluminum framing wraps off the edges for clean, finished look. The gate frame also gets built at this stage.

Gate Installation

The gate allows convenient dumpster access while preventing unauthorized usage and keeping contents hidden from view. Our crews hang the pre-built gate using heavy-duty steel hinges and latch hardware for smooth, reliable operation. Additional locking mechanisms can be added to control after-hours access as needed.

Finishing Touches

Nampa Fence puts great pride into perfecting all details for optimal durability, performance and aesthetics. The last construction steps include:

  • Touch up paint – We apply extra finish coats on any siding sections needing coverage improvement for a consistent appearance all around.
  • Weatherproofing – All exposed horizontal surfaces get capped with aluminum flashing strips to prevent moisture seepage into the framework over time.
  • Site cleanup – No construction job is complete until the work area gets cleared of all debris! We remove all leftover materials and sweep up any stray screws, nails or wood bits from the installation process.

When the crew packs up, your brand new custom dumpster enclosure is ready for your waste containers!

Cost of Custom Dumpster Enclosures in Nampa, ID

So how much does it cost to install a customized dumpster enclosure for your commercial or multi-family property?

Our typical price range is:

  • $3,000 to $7,000 for standard enclosures
  • $7,000 to $15,000 for larger heavy duty enclosures

The exact project cost depends on factors like:

  • Enclosure dimensions
  • Construction materials used
  • Special features such as roofs, open tops or color finishes
  • Site access and preparation work required

With an average job costing $5,000, Our expert offers an affordable solution to finally get that ugly, messy dumpster area on your property under control! No more overflowing trash ruining your building’s aesthetics and reputation.

We provide free quotes detailing your project’s pricing breakdown, along with flexible financing options. Contact us today to discuss your needs with our dumpster enclosure installation pros!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years of experience designing, building, and installing fences of all types in Nampa and surrounding areas. You can trust our expertise to get the job done right.


We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fencing. We’ll help customize a solution that enhances your property’s aesthetics and functionality.

Quality Materials

Only the best woods, metals, and other high-grade fencing materials go into our projects so your fence lasts for years.

Professional Installation

For perfect structural integrity and appearance, our in-house team handles the full installation process efficiently with minimal disruption to your property.

Customer Satisfaction

Your 100% satisfaction from start to finish is our top priority. We won’t consider a project complete until you are thoroughly pleased.


Our customized options are also cost-effective. Contact us for upfront pricing and financing options for projects of any budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Nampa, Idaho

FAQs About Dumpster Enclosures in Nampa, Idaho

What types of properties benefit from dumpster enclosures?

Dumpster enclosures improve aesthetics and access control for many buildings including:

  • Office complexes
  • Apartment buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Schools/universities
  • Shopping plazas
  • Medical centers
  • Manufacturing facilities

Any property generating sizable waste volumes needs an enclosed space for tidy, convenient dumpster placement.

What are the standard dumpster enclosure dimensions?

Typical interior dimensions range from:

  • 12 x 12 feet
  • 15 x 12 feet
  • 10 x 20 feet

Custom sizes are also readily available to match your dumpster dimensions with ample maneuvering room. We configure enclosure heights based on waste container sizes.

What building and zoning permits are required?

Requirements vary among the cities. Nampa Fence pulls all required permits for you covering:

  • Structure installation
  • Planning and zoning
  • Architectural approval

We ensure full code compliance so your enclosure gets built properly the first time.

Can you install enclosures on existing pavement or concrete pads?

Absolutely. Our construction process accommodates existing hardscape for a simpler project. We can anchor posts directly into pavement gaps or concrete edges using specialty brackets.

How much space is needed around the dumpster inside?

We recommend a minimum 2 foot clearance between enclosure walls and waste containers. This allows convenient container access without repeatedly damaging walls.

What materials do dumpster enclosures get built from?

Wood and composite materials are common because they blend with surrounding construction. For incredible durability, concrete masonry handles heavy equipment/traffic without sustaining damage.

How much usage will the gate hardware withstand?

We install commercial-grade steel gate hardware built for high traffic applications. The hinges and latch tolerate thousands of opening cycles without failing.

What’s the best way to match an enclosure’s color scheme?

During planning, we document your existing buildings’ colors and finishes. Samples also get collected to match siding and hardware tones accurately.

Are permeable panels an option for ventilation?

Yes, we can incorporate permeable siding sections near the top to promote ventilation. Screened vents also discourage flies from entering while containing smells.

Is a locking door or roof panels necessary?

Locks provide accessible control to prevent unauthorized dumping if needed. A roof keeps out excess precipitation but increases cost. We help assess options to meet your specific usage needs during planning.

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