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Fence Maintenance Near Nampa, ID

Is your fence looking a little worse for wear these days? Fences endure a lot of wear and tear from the elements, not to mention normal everyday use.

Without proper maintenance, your fence can start to sag, develop rot, become destabilized and even collapse.

Not only is an aging, dilapidated fence an eyesore, it poses safety issues for people and pets and may violate local codes.

The good news is, with regular fence maintenance from our team of fence experts, we can restore your fence to like-new condition again and ensure it continues looking great for years to come.

Our professional fence maintenance services include:

  • Inspections – We thoroughly examine your fence to spot any issues needing repair.
  • Loose or broken pickets/slats replacement – We re-secure or replace any loose, cracked or missing pickets or slats.
  • Post re-securing – Posts that have come loose are re-set in concrete.
  • Hardware tightening/replacement – Any loose nails, screws, bolts, connectors, etc are tightened or replaced.
  • Washing – We pressure wash your fence to remove grime, mold and mildew.
  • Stain/sealer application – A fresh coat of protective sealer/stain gives your wood fence renewed protection.
  • Graffiti removal – We safely remove any unsightly graffiti marring your fence.
  • Vegetation clearing – Overgrown vegetation around the fence is trimmed back.
  • Repairs – Any significant damage like missing sections, broken rails, etc are repaired.
  • Galvanization touch ups – We re-galvanize any areas of steel fencing that show signs of rust.

Regular fence maintenance saves you money in the long run by preventing costly major repairs down the road. We can restore your existing fence to look good as new again. Contact us today for your free quote on expert fence maintenance!

Process We Follow for Fence Maintenance

When you hire us for fence maintenance, you can expect a streamlined, professional process from start to finish. Here is what you can expect:

Initial Consultation

The process starts when we come out to your property for an initial consultation. We’ll walk the entire perimeter of your fence with you to get a close look at its current condition. We note any problem areas that need to be addressed. This allows us to give you an accurate estimate on the work needed.

During the initial consultation, we also discuss your goals and preferences for fence maintenance. Do you want us to simply repair pressing issues to restore functionality? Or would you like us to make your fence look like new again with power washing, re-staining, etc? This ensures the work meets your expectations.

Preparing the Work Area

Before starting fence maintenance, we prep the area to protect your property. We lay down drop cloths to catch any drips and debris. For more extensive repairs, we may put up temporary fencing while a section is replaced.

For power washing or staining projects, we mask off any nearby surfaces like house siding that could get sprayed accidentally. Protecting your property is our top priority.

Performing Maintenance and Repairs

With the area prepped, we can start the actual fence maintenance and repair work. The processes vary depending on what needs to be done:

Basic Repairs

For basic repairs like tightening loose hardware and replacing individual pickets, we use standard hand tools. Each repair is done methodically to ensure a secure, lasting result.

Power Washing

To remove built-up grime and refresh the look of your fence, we use a professional-grade power washer. The pressure is adjusted to thoroughly clean without damaging the wood.


For ideal protection on wood fencing, we apply a high-quality penetrating sealer or semi-transparent stain. Multiple coats give long-lasting weatherproofing and a like-new appearance.

Full Section Replacements

For more significant repairs involving full fence sections, we detach and remove the damaged section. The area is prepared and new posts are set in concrete. Finally, the new pre-built section is installed and attached securely.

Site Clean-Up

Once the fence maintenance is complete, we perform a thorough clean-up. All tools and materials are removed, and any scraps or debris are disposed of properly. We sweep the area to leave your property immaculate.


We want you to be 100% satisfied with the work, so we follow up afterwards to address any questions or concerns. We also provide recommendations on a regular fence maintenance schedule to preserve your fence for years to come.

By following this detailed process, we ensure your fence maintenance is completed properly and your property is protected. Contact us today for reliable fence maintenance!

Cost of Fence Maintenance in Nampa, ID

What does fence maintenance cost? The price varies based on several factors:

  • Fence size – Larger fences require more materials and labor hours.
  • Fence type – Wood, chain-link, vinyl each have their own repair considerations.
  • Extent of repairs – Basic tightening/repairs vs. major section replacements.
  • Additional services – Powerwashing, sealing/staining, vegetation clearing all add cost.

To give you an idea, here are some typical fence maintenance costs:

  • Basic tightening/minor repairs – $3-$5 per linear foot. A 100-foot fence would be $300-$500.
  • Section replacements – $25-$40 per linear foot. Replacing a 10-foot section could be $250-$400.
  • Power washing – $0.75-$1 per linear foot. For a 150-foot perimeter, $112-$150.
  • Sealing/staining – $0.50-$2 per square foot. Staining a fence with 600 sq.ft. surface area, $300-$1,200.
  • Vegetation clearing – $90-$150 minimum. More for extensive overgrowth removal.

Keep in mind regional labor rates influence cost. We provide free estimates so you know exactly what to expect. Maintenance saves money over full fence replacement. Contact us to discuss your fence needs!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years of experience designing, building, and installing fences of all types in Nampa and surrounding areas. You can trust our expertise to get the job done right.


We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fencing. We’ll help customize a solution that enhances your property’s aesthetics and functionality.

Quality Materials

Only the best woods, metals, and other high-grade fencing materials go into our projects so your fence lasts for years.

Professional Installation

For perfect structural integrity and appearance, our in-house team handles the full installation process efficiently with minimal disruption to your property.

Customer Satisfaction

Your 100% satisfaction from start to finish is our top priority. We won’t consider a project complete until you are thoroughly pleased.


Our customized options are also cost-effective. Contact us for upfront pricing and financing options for projects of any budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Nampa, Idaho

FAQs About Fence Maintenance in Nampa, Idaho

How often should I get fence maintenance?

For most homeowners, we recommend inspecting your fence twice per year and getting professional maintenance every 1-3 years. Schedule maintenance more frequently if you notice problems developing.

Does regular maintenance really make a difference?

Absolutely! Just like your car, regular upkeep keeps your fence functioning safely and looking great. It prevents more serious issues down the road.

What are signs I may need maintenance?

Loose pickets, sagging/leaning posts, missing or broken sections, vegetation overgrowth, faded color, and algae or mold growth are all signs your fence needs maintenance.

Do you only do repairs or can you improve appearance too?

We can do basic repairs to restore function, and more extensive power washing, sealing/staining to improve appearance and protection. Just let us know your goals!

How long does the process take?

Most routine maintenance takes 1-2 days. More extensive repairs or full section replacements could take 3-5 days depending on the scope.

Will you match my existing fence color?

Absolutely! For any stained/sealed fences, we will match the color you already have or work with you to select a new color.

What do you do with debris and old fence boards?

We dispose of all old materials properly offsite. We don’t leave behind any debris or rubbish on your property.

Do you services gates as well as fence lines?

Yes, we can adjust, repair, clean, seal, and paint gates as part of your fence maintenance. Properly maintained gates enhance security.

Can I get a maintenance quote over the phone?

We provide ballpark estimates over the phone but an accurate quote requires an on-site visit to inspect your full fence line. Contact us to schedule a free consultation!

Do you have any financing options?

Yes, we offer 12 months same as cash financing, and partnerships with third party lenders like LendingTree for convenient monthly payment plans. We aim to make fence maintenance affordable!

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