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Erosion Fencing Company Near Nampa, ID

Erosion can cause serious damage to properties and landscapes over time. Our expert fencing team has installed erosion control fences for over 10 years to help Nampa residents protect their land from erosion damage.

An erosion control fence creates a barrier to keep soil, mulch, gravel and other landscaping materials in place. This prevents rain, wind and flooding from washing away topsoil and creates stability for plants to grow.

We handle small and large-scale erosion control fencing projects for both residential and commercial properties in Nampa.

Whether you need temporary fencing for a construction site or want to install a permeant border around your property lines, our team has the expertise to get the job done right.

Process We Follow for Erosion Fencing

Preserving the Foundations: Understanding Erosion

Erosion can wreak havoc on your property, compromising the stability of your soil and landscapes. Our experts begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the erosion factors specific to your location. By identifying the root causes, we tailor our solutions to meet your property’s unique needs.

Customized Erosion Fencing Solutions

Our team is committed to delivering personalized erosion fencing solutions that not only combat the existing issues but also prevent future erosion. Utilizing industry-leading materials and cutting-edge techniques, we create customized fencing systems that seamlessly integrate with your landscape while providing unparalleled protection.

Professional Installation Process

Once we’ve crafted the perfect erosion fencing solution for your property, our skilled team of experts takes charge of the installation process. With precision and efficiency, we ensure that your erosion fencing is not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound, standing the test of time.

Ongoing Maintenance and Monitoring

At Nampa Fence, we believe in the longevity of our solutions. Our commitment extends beyond installation – we offer comprehensive maintenance services to ensure your erosion fencing continues to provide optimal protection. Regular monitoring and timely adjustments guarantee the sustained effectiveness of our fencing systems.

Cost of Erosion Fencing in Nampa, ID

The exact cost of your erosion control fencing depends on factors like:

  • Fence size/length
  • Materials selected
  • Site terrain difficulty
  • Special installation requirements

To receive an accurate price quote including materials, labor and maintenance – give us a call at +1 (208) 960-1539. One of our estimators will schedule a site visit to measure your property and assess erosion risks.

We provide free estimates with absolutely no obligation to purchase. Our pricing is always transparent with no hidden fees tacked on later.

As a local Nampa fencing company with 10+ years experience specializing in erosion control barriers, our prices are highly competitive. We stand behind the durability of the fences we install to control erosion on properties throughout the Treasure Valley.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years of experience designing, building, and installing fences of all types in Nampa and surrounding areas. You can trust our expertise to get the job done right.


We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fencing. We’ll help customize a solution that enhances your property’s aesthetics and functionality.

Quality Materials

Only the best woods, metals, and other high-grade fencing materials go into our projects so your fence lasts for years.

Professional Installation

For perfect structural integrity and appearance, our in-house team handles the full installation process efficiently with minimal disruption to your property.

Customer Satisfaction

Your 100% satisfaction from start to finish is our top priority. We won’t consider a project complete until you are thoroughly pleased.


Our customized options are also cost-effective. Contact us for upfront pricing and financing options for projects of any budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Nampa, Idaho

FAQs About Erosion Fencing in Nampa, Idaho

What materials are best for erosion control fences?

Erosion control fences are commonly made from wood, PVC vinyl, ornamental welded wire mesh or steel. We help select the right material to match your budget/aesthetics that will also withstand your property’s unique erosion issues.

How long do erosion control fences last?

Properly installed fences maintain their integrity for 10-20 years depending on materials and maintenance. Vinyl and steel last longer than wood fencing in wet conditions. With periodic maintenance, erosion fences provide protection for decades.

How often should erosion fences be inspected?

Yearly inspections ensure your fence is working effectively with posts solidly anchored and mesh securely attached. Checking after major storms helps spot any damage needing repair immediately.

Can you install erosion control fences on steep slopes?

Yes, following the contour lines of a slope allows our fences to retain soil effectively on steep grades. We properly anchor posts and use mesh with smaller openings to retain sediment on inclined sites.

What happens if too much sediment builds up behind the fence?

It’s important to have crews remove excess sediment around erosion fences or it can wash over the barrier during heavy rainfall. Our maintenance services include removing built-up dirt keeping your fence working efficiently.

Do erosion fences require permitting?

If located around drainage swales, rights of way or property borders erosion control fences may require permits which we obtain from relevant agencies. We ensure local codes and environmental regulations are followed with every installation.

Can existing fences be retrofitted for erosion control?

In some cases, attaching erosion control mesh, lining the base with rocks or planting vegetation buffers along existing fences may provide protection without fully replacing the barrier. We assess if retrofitting older fences is feasible option for your property.

How long does installation of erosion fences take?

Most residential erosion fence projects take 1-3 days depending on terrain, materials and crew size. Larger commercial erosion control fences with extensive site prep can take 2 weeks for full completion.

Does trenching need to be dug before installing erosion fences?

On sloped or uneven terrain, short trenches running parallel to the contours provide a level footing to properly anchor fence posts. This prevents water from flowing beneath and collapsing sections of the barrier.

How much maintenance do erosion control fences require?

Erosion fences require minimal yearly maintenance beyond removing accumulated sediment/debris and checking connections/posts. With periodic inspections, quality erosion control fences function effectively for over a decade before full replacement is needed.

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