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Privacy Fencing Near Nampa, ID

Nampa residents know that having a private backyard oasis is key to relaxation and outdoor living. From spending time with family to entertaining friends, privacy fencing allows you to fully utilize your outdoor space free from prying eyes.

As a full service fencing company located right here over 10 years, our expert team specializes in stunning privacy fence installation that boosts both aesthetics and functionality.

We use high quality materials and aim to complete projects efficiently with the least disruption to your home possible.

When you choose us for privacy fencing, you can have total confidence that we will enhance your backyard dreams with fences customized to match your vision, lifestyle, budget and unique property parameters.

With decades of combined local fencing experience, we pay attention to important factors such as sun exposure, wind load rating requirements, terrain grade changes, and complementary landscaping to create solutions tailored for you.

Process We Follow for Privacy Fencing

The key to an effective privacy fence installation is meticulous planning, communication and flawless execution. Here is an overview of what you can expect when you hire our company:

Initial Site Visit and Consultation

The first step for any new fencing project begins when our project manager visits your home for an initial walkthrough and discussion. We will explore your vision for enhanced backyard privacy, get measurements, note any special considerations regarding terrain or obstacles, and discuss types of materials and fence styles well-suited for your goals.

This is also an opportunity for you to get answers to common questions such as:

  • How much privacy can I expect from different fencing solutions?
  • What is the ideal height for my fence based on my property?
  • Should my fence be built on my property line or inset?
  • Would you recommend any landscaping or lighting to complement the fence?

We want you to feel fully informed before moving forward so that the end result matches what you envisioned.

Detailed Quote with Fence Design Solutions

After the initial consultation, we will provide a detailed quote outlining exactly what will be involved to make your privacy fencing dreams a reality. This will include:

Fence Material Choices: Based on your desired look, durability needs and budget, we will suggest options like pine, cedar, vinyl or other composites. Each comes with different benefits.

Fence Height and Style: Customized to deliver the seclusion and security you want while meeting local permit requirements.

Gates/Access Points: We will specify locations and types of gates suited for driveway access, pools, side yards, etc. Hardware and smart features can also be added if desired.

Terrain Issues: If your property has elevation changes or obstacles, we will explain how we will address them to keep install smooth.

Timeline: Our team will provide an estimated project timeline from permit approval through completion.

Itemized Cost: You will have a detailed breakdown of all labor, materials and fees so there are no surprises.

We encourage you to take time reviewing this information and we welcome any additional questions that come up! Our estimates come with a price-match guarantee so you know you are getting exceptional value.


Once you decide to move forward with installing a new privacy fence, we will submit drawings and required documents to your local permitting office. We are experts in current code compliance and can typically get permits approved in 2-3 weeks.

Some key items we handle related to permitting include:

  • Submitting required drawings & documents
  • Resolving any questions or issues raised
  • Coordinating inspections for final sign off

You can relax knowing we will take care of all the paperwork and liaising with permitting officials from start to finish.

Materials Delivered & Installation Schedule Confirmed

With permits in hand, we will order custom materials needed for your privacy fence project. Whether milled cedar planks, steel posts, pre-mixed concrete or hardware, we use only the highest quality components that match what was outlined during planning.

Once materials arrive at our local warehouse, we will reach out to confirm your installation date(s). Our crew will also call in advance utility locates if digging near any underground lines. We take steps to protect your property throughout the process.

Flawless Fence Installation

When installation day arrives, you can expect our professional crew of two to five fence builders at your home ready to bring your new privacy fence plans to life!

We take great pride in our efficient, clean and careful installation process focused on craftsmanship, safety and minimizing disruption to your household. Here is what you can expect:

Site Prep: We will lay down protective materials like canvas tarps to keep your property immaculate. The install team may also need to remove any existing fences or obstacles in the way.

Layout & Digging: Using the permitted plans, we will map out post placements, dig holes to correct depths based on height, and pour concrete foundations reinforced with rebar.

Post Setting: Pressure treated 4×4 posts are carefully set into concrete, braced and aligned using laser levels to ensure they cure perfectly plumb and aligned.

Fence Section Assembly: Your privacy fence will start coming together as sections are built, then carried and secured into position between posts. Gates and hardware are also installed during this phase.

Accessories & Finishing Touches: Finally, once the structural work is complete, we add finishing touches like post caps, landscape screen planting or mulching that pulls the whole project together.

Throughout the process our crew foreman will check in with you, keep the site tidy, and make sure the finished fences exceeds expectations. We know quality craftsmanship is in the details!

Project Walkthrough & Next Steps

As your local fence professionals, we want you to be thrilled with the end results! Once installation wraps up, we will walk you around the completed privacy fences to address any questions and have you take a look at the quality first-hand.

You will also receive care instructions for your new fence, including seasonal maintenance tips to protect your investment for decades to come.

Additionally, all our privacy fence projects backed by an industry-leading 10 year structural warranty. You can relax knowing we stand behind our workmanship.

We pride ourselves in forging long term relationships with customers. So if you ever have need any additional gates, repair work or other services in the future, we hope you will call on your friends!

Cost of Privacy Fencing in Nampa, ID

We understand most homeowners operate on a budget when looking to add beautiful new privacy fencing. The good news is quality wood, vinyl and composite fencing has never been more affordable!

Privacy Fence Pricing Considerations

There are several variables that factor into your total project cost including:

  • Linear Footage: The amount of fencing needed to enclose your space. Prices are usually quoted by the linear foot.
  • Material Type: Cedar, redwood, pine and vinyl range in price level. We offer options at every budget.
  • Fence Height: Taller fences that provide more seclusion do come at slightly higher cost.
  • Terrain Difficulty: If the fence footprint has elevation changes or obstacles, more labor may be required.
  • Access Gates: Additions like gates, locks and smart hardware increase price but also functionality.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can expect to invest anywhere from $20 – $65 per linear foot for beautiful, high quality privacy fencing installed by our professional crew with all necessary materials and permitting included.

We also provide free quotes so you know exactly what to expect for your unique project. Just give our team a call and we will break down costs specific to your property.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years of experience designing, building, and installing fences of all types in Nampa and surrounding areas. You can trust our expertise to get the job done right.


We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fencing. We’ll help customize a solution that enhances your property’s aesthetics and functionality.

Quality Materials

Only the best woods, metals, and other high-grade fencing materials go into our projects so your fence lasts for years.

Professional Installation

For perfect structural integrity and appearance, our in-house team handles the full installation process efficiently with minimal disruption to your property.

Customer Satisfaction

Your 100% satisfaction from start to finish is our top priority. We won’t consider a project complete until you are thoroughly pleased.


Our customized options are also cost-effective. Contact us for upfront pricing and financing options for projects of any budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Nampa, Idaho

FAQs About Privacy Fencing in Nampa, Idaho

What is the ideal height for a privacy fence?

For most suburban properties, we recommend a privacy fence height between 6’-8’. This allows security and seclusion while meeting common permitting standards. Taller heights are possible but may require extra permitting steps.

What is the best privacy fence material?

Cedar and redwood are premium materials that offer beauty and durability. For a more affordable option, treated pine privacy fences deliver great privacy over time as well. Vinyl and composite blends are also lasting solutions. The choice depends on your budget and aesthetic preference.

How long does it take to install a privacy fence?

Most standard privacy fence installations take between 1-3 days from start to finish. The crew will discuss an estimated timeline after visiting your property and drafting plans tailored to your project scope.

Can I stain or paint my new cedar privacy fence?

Absolutely! While cedar ages gracefully to a silvery patina, many clients wish to maintain or change the wood tone over time. After a short curing period, staining or painting cedar is encouraged. Just speak to our team about sealants.

Do privacy fences need a lot of maintenance?

Our fences are built to last decades. Aside from occasional cleaning, minimal maintenance is needed. Vinyl, composite and properly sealed wood fences are nearly maintenance free. Unfinished softwood may require more upkeep.

Will a privacy fence blow down in windy or storm conditions?

Our fences are rated and engineered to withstand 90mph winds and typical weather events. Proper installation anchored in concrete foundations prevents almost all wind damage, unlike flimsy big box store alternatives.

Can I plant vegetation to complement my new privacy fence?

Absolutely! We recommend planting native shrubs, vines or trees that provide additional privacy, shade and beauty. Just be mindful of planting near fence lines to allow room as plants grow larger over time.

Is permitting required to build a privacy fence?

Most often yes, the city does require an approved permit before major fence projects especially if located on property lines. Our team handles the permitting paperwork start to finish so you can have peace of mind.

What is the best locking system for privacy fence gates?

We recommend high quality self-closing and self-latching hardware on gates to prevent accidental opening over time. Keyed locks, digital locks or smart locks can then be added for easy access yet total security.

How much value does a privacy fence add to my home?

Outdoor enhancements like privacy fencing are proven to offer excellent return on investment at resale. Not only does a fence increase usable backyard space, it adds beauty and functionality that homebuyers desire. The boost in interest alone is worthwhile.

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From start to finish, this company made it so simple to get a new fence. They were organized, efficient and I love the finished product. They will be doing all my future fencing projects.
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